Cleaning the track of a sliding door

September 6, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Doors,Latest News

It is a pain to operate dysfunctional sliding doors. They require greater force to be moved, and often cause waste of time. The most effective thing in this case is to clean its track, in which dirt and other foreign particles are often accumulated. This article will explain step by step how to easily clean the track of your sliding door.

Step 1 – Remove the Door

There are two ways to remove the sliding door – by holding it on either sides and lifting upward to pull it towards you, or by identifying where the lower rollers are, and disengaging them from the tracks with the help of an appropriate screwdriver. Cleaning can be performed without removing the door, but this way, access to the whole track will be restricted.

Step 2 – Do an Initial Cleaning

Smooth sliding is often barred by small leaves, clumps of dust or tiny gravel and stones. In these cases, hand vacuum pumps should be used to easily displace them from the tracks. Cleaning the upper track should not be forgotten since it forms a major part of the sliding doors.

Step 3 – Remove Corrosion Deposits

Sliding tracks are often made from weak metals like aluminum, which cannot resist corrosion. This corrosion deposit and rust causes a lot of friction and decrease mobility of the doors. Using steel wool to get rid of these deposits is a great way to clean the tracks. Afterwards, use tack cloth to trap and displace any metal particles that may be present.

Step 4 – Clean Grime and Oil

Due to constant use of these doors, changing temperatures, especially if your area receives a lot of rainfall, accumulation of grease, grime and oil is often observed, which becomes thick and reduces door movement. Use a toothbrush soaked in acetone to remove this buildup and later, wipe off with a terrycloth towel for a final touch.

Step 5 – Finish Up

To allow sliding doors to move gracefully over their tracks, an appropriate amount of lubrication should be used. After the tracks are greased, slide the doors over the tracks a few times to ensure uniform distribution to all areas of the tracks. In this manner, regular clean up and maintenance should be performed to ensure long lasting service of sliding doors.

However, some of us are just too busy with work or school to perform regular thorough cleaning. Thankfully, there are reliable residential cleaners Sydney who can turn your home into an impeccably clean sanctuary while you’re doing what you do.

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